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ForTii® Ace

A polyphthalamide (PPA) based on 4T chemistry with the highest Tg in the market of 160°C and an outstanding set of mechanical and chemical properties.

ForTii® Ace

The game changer in metal replacement

ForTii Ace helps you to engineer the incredible, by thinking beyond metal, and beyond its traditional alternatives. In fact this versatile material is the next generation PPA (polyphthalamide), that delivers a performance close to PEEK. If you’re looking to unlock new design potential in automotive applications – boosting performance, cutting fuel emissions and reducing cost of ownership - then ForTii Ace is your number one choice.

ForTii Ace Vs. Metal

ForTii Ace can replace metal at just 50% of the weight over a wide range of temperatures - but with no compromise on performance. NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) and need for secondary operations will be reduced.

ForTii Ace Vs. PEEK

PEEK has a great performance profile for metal replacement, however it faces an economic hurdle. ForTii Ace delivers similar high-heat resistance, chemical and mechanical properties, but at significantly lower cost and with easy and robust processing.

ForTii Ace Vs. PPA & PA66

ForTii Ace has a Tg of 160°C, which results in superior mechanical performance. It offers higher chemical resistance vs e.g. EGR, water/glycol and transmission oils. This enables engineers to realize new designs answering the need for light weight and integrated parts.  

Extreme stiffness and strength

In this video, explore the exteme stiffness and strength of ForTii Ace

Explore ForTii applications

Structural Parts with ForTii® Ace

Automotive | Body | Structural Parts

Up to 50% weight reduction in comparison with metal;Part integration and increased design freedom;Easy and robust processing;Potential applications: engine mount/bracket, transmission parts, structural oilpan, timing chain cover, actuator and EPS housing, etc.

Carburetor adapter heat shield insulation wall

Consumer goods | Outdoor Power Equipment

ForTii® Ace has stable high temperature mechanics; also offers low creep; high stiffness at elevated temperatures

Cylinder head covers

Automotive | Engine | Cooling / Thermal management

Faster injection molding process; Holding step eliminated; Shorter cooling time; Lower weight; Lower warpage

Explore portpolio & properties

  • ForTii® Ace MX51

    30% Glass Reinforced, Stable to heat, for Automotive applications

    View Properties
  • ForTii® Ace MX52

    40% Glass Reinforced, Stable to heat, for Automotive applications

    View Properties
  • ForTii® Ace MX53

    50% Glass Reinforced, Stable to heat, for Automotive applications

    View Properties
  • ForTii® Ace JTX8

    30% Glass Reinforced, for E&E applications, Improved resistance to blistering during reflow - soldering process

    View Properties
  • ForTii® Ace WX51-FC

    30% Glass Reinforced, Food Contact Quality, Drinking Water Grade

    View Properties

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