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ForTii® offers excellent performance when used in injection molding. It gives you better processing with a high flow, suitable for thin-wall molding and applications with demanding designs.


Processing benefits of ForTii

ForTii offers you excellent processing benefits. It’s ideal for use in injection molding and with its high flow properties is perfectly suited to applications with thin-wall molding, helping to take new designs to the next level.

ForTii combines good flow (one of the highest flows of any halogen-free polyamide) with fast crystallization and high thermal stability, making it a very easy product to injection mold. Which means shorter cycle times and reduced systems costs.

Going with the flow

To generate a good and homogeneous melt, the melt temperature should always be above 330°C. Optimal mechanical properties will be achieved at melt temperatures between 330-340°C. ForTii can be used with a wide range of tool temperatures (100 - 150°C).

Corrosion resistant

ForTii is one of the least corrosive thermoplastic materials, which means the injection molding machinery lasts longer and needs less maintenance when using this material.

Processing guidelines

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