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ForTii® has high stiffness and mechanical strength at extreme temperatures.


ForTii: Handling the heat

ForTii® offers great heat performance in both the short-term (reflow soldering, HDT) and the long term - which makes it extremely suitable for both E&E and automotive applications. It’s also available in halogen-free FR grades meeting UL94-V0 at very thin thicknesses (0.2 mm).


In the short term, the aromatic structure of ForTii combined with our unique C4 chemistry results in a polymer with a very high melting point of 325°C, complete with high stiffness all the way. This in turn makes the heat distortion temperature for ForTii grades among the best in the industry.


The long term heat ageing performance of ForTii meets and usually exceeds that of current semi-crystalline polyamides.

Flammability rating

Because of its aromatic structure, ForTii has good flame retardant properties, thus reducing the need for flame retardants to a bare minimum. Our specialist grades have:

  • UL 94-V0 down to 0.2mm;
  • GWFI=960°C and GWIT>800°C acc IEC 60335-1 and VDE certification.

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