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From chemical and heat resistance to dimensional stability, flame retardance and electrostatic properties, Novamid offers a broad range of properties with additional possibilities.


Novamid: All the properties you need

Novamid® offers you a broad range of excellent properties from superior impact strength and excellent abrasion resistance, to high heat resistance and self-extinguishing capabilities.

Our portfolio of high-quality Novamid grades offers you outstanding choice, including injection molding grades with excellent molding cycle (ES); super tough grades (ST), and grades for film/monofilament with excellent transparency. 

Typical performances  

1) Molding cycle of ES grade

Cooling time at cable-tie molding test  
  1013C5 (ES grade)  6 seconds
  1010C2 (Standard grade) 20 seconds

2) Impact strength of ST grade

Notched Charpy Impact strength
  ST145  (ST grade) 109 J/m
  1010C2 (Standard grade)   3 J/m

3) Transparency of Co-polyamide grade

Haze of air-blown film
2030CA (Co-PA grade) 6.0%
1030CA (Standard grade) 13.0%


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