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Electrical and electronics

Stanyl® is our high-performance polyamide 46 suitable for a wide range of E&E applications.

Electrical and electronics

Switching on to Stanyl

Stanyl® is our high-performance polyamide 46 suitable for a wide range of E&E applications. Why? It retains its mechanical properties at temperatures of up to 230°C long term and offers excellent stiffness at elevated temperatures, as well as extended fatigue endurance and outstanding wear resistance.

Stanyl outlasts metal and other traditional materials in electronic components at temperatures in excess of 230°C.

This, combined with excellent creep resistance, good pin strength and excellent all-round toughness mean that Stanyl is now being used in everything from PCB connectors to sockets - where our ability to deliver halogen-free grades is helping the industry reduce its carbon footprint.

Stanyl is also helping create smarter designs – crucial for manufacturers who are looking to increase functionality of electrical and electronic products but with the maximum amount of miniaturization and thinnovation.

For example, Stanyl can be used to manufacture lighter components with thinner walls (and in the case of motor components, higher winding speeds) thanks to excellent melt flow (similar to LCP) combined with high weld-line strength.

The greener choice

Stanyl is also a greener choice. We offer a full portfolio of halogen and red phosphorous-free materials that, thanks to their heat resistance and strength, offer the major advantage of being suitable for lead free Surface Mount Technology soldering.

As the industry continues to move towards more sustainable business models based on minimizing harmful substances across the entire lifecycle, we expect Stanyl to play a bigger part than ever in helping manufacturers break the mold in E&E.

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