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Gears and e-motors

We’ve been solving our customers’ gear and wear & friction problems thanks to Stanyl®.

Gears and e-motors

Stanyl: Gearing up for success

We’ve been solving our customers’ gear and wear & friction problems thanks to Stanyl®: Our unique polyamide 46 that helps extend product life while reducing weight and size - all the while reducing CO2 emissions and ultimately…cost.

Today, manufacturers are using Stanyl in everything from interior gears to motor management gears to electrical power steering gears to the replacement of metal gears in general (including spur and worm gears).

Our new gear designs can reduce part counts, eliminate assembly steps and provide reduced cycle times for significant savings in total part costs. At the same time, they have reduced weight by up to 46 percent over metal gears; while Stanyl’s excellent tribological properties ensure low-wear and durable operation over the lifetime of the part


Whether you’re looking to reduce weight, cut emissions and noise or improve safety, Stanyl is proven to deliver results when it really counts. Our complete portfolio of grades, includes:

  • Unfilled for reduced noise and wear
  • High-glass content for the optimum mix of wear, stiffness and value-for-money
  • Specialty grades for maximum stiffness and wear.

Increase fuel efficiency and lower system costs

No other material provides the same combination of lower system costs and high performance for automotive gears as Stanyl®. There's no mystery about why Stanyl PA46 exhibits superior stiffness, fatigue and wear resistance in gears: it's in the chemistry.

Testing capabilities

Our goal is to continue producing new gear designs that go beyond industry standards. To achieve that requires the highest standards of material testing, which in our case means linking the practical application to the test parameters to mimic the actual conditions inside the vehicle - and then combining this with an extensive knowledge base of fundamental materials research.

Our modified testing equipment at our world-class research center in the Netherlands provides very accurate results, helping our customers get the most from Stanyl’s excellent mechanical and tribological properties. We really do put your gears through their paces…

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