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Flame retardancy

Stanyl® is available in several flame-retardant grades (including both halogen and red phosperous-free).

Flame retardancy

Flame retardancy

Stanyl® is available in several flame-retardant grades (including both halogen and red phosperous free) - which are rated V-0 according to the Underwriters Laboratories UL 94 classification [even at 0.35 mm (0.01 in)].

UL classifications

Many of our flame retardant grades have been awarded a 50-100% regrind V-0 rating , which means they provide advantages through lower waste generation and material costs. Unmodified, unreinforced Stanyl grades are rated V-2 and the glass-fiber reinforced grades without flame retardant are rated HB. Other classifications according to various UL standards have been given to different Stanyl grades.

In the table below we’ve summarized the most important ratings according to UL 1446. Noteworthy is the class H [180°C (355°F)] rating according to UL 1446 for the glass-fiber reinforced grades of Stanyl.

UL 1446 insulation system recognition for Stanyl

UL 1446 classes Stanyl Grades
B 130°C (265°F) TE250F6, TE250F8, TE250F9, TW250F6, 46HF5040
C 150°C (310°F) TE200F6, TE250F6, TE250F8, TE250F9, TW200F6, TW250F6, TW300, TW341, 46HF5040
H 180°C (355°F) TE200F6, TE250F6, TE250F8, TE250F9, TW200F6, TW250F6, 46HF5040


The flammability of materials can also be expressed through glow wire ignition temperature and glow wire flammability index. This simulates the short-term effect of thermal stresses caused by heat sources (heating elements, for example) or overloaded resistors.

Glow wire ignition temperature and the glow wire flammability index can be used for pre-selection of materials for these applications (both glow wire ignition temperature and flammability index depend on the thickness of the samples and the specific grade).

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