Carin Gerzon

Global Head of Marketing Communications

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July 08th, 2019

Carin Gerzon is Global Head of Marketing Communications for DSM Food Specialties and steers the Global MarCom team with a focus on DSM communications activities in the Dairy, Baking, Beverages and Savory industries. With extensive experience in consumer health topics and in the food ingredients industry, Carin is passionate about connecting companies with their stakeholders through inspiring and effective engagement strategies and tools. She is a firm believer in sustainability and is convinced that circularity and enabling people to make healthier food choices are part of solving the challenges the world faces in terms of resource scarcity and pollution.

Carin – a Dutch national - has worked at DSM since 2016. Her experience in working throughout Europe and in the United States, combined with her broad experience in the food and ingredients industry, make her well aware of international and local market trends that determine how people think and feel about food and what they value in their food and the information they are looking for about what they're eating. Carin holds a master’s degree in Strategic Communications from Columbia University in the city of New York, a master’s degree in Business Administration from Nijenrode University, and a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, both obtained in The Netherlands.