Continental cheese

A wide range of solutions for Continental cheese

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July 08th, 2019

Continental cheese

Everything you need to produce Continental cheese

The Continental, semi-soft cheese category is a broad category, including popular types of Gouda and Edam cheese, and, also, the French raclette and the Spanish Manchego cheese. 

Answering different market needs, ranging from easy and affordable solutions – like sliced and diced cheeses to put on a sandwich or use in meals – to premium specialty cheeses with a unique flavor or texture to enjoy on a cheese platter with a glass of wine. 

Meet the different needs with DSM’ range of specialty ingredients for Continental cheese. Our cheese experts can work with you to create the perfect texture, appearance and flavor, adapted to your specific preferences. 

Cheese cultures

  • Delvo®Cheese-CT range

    Starter cultures for Continental cheese.

  • Delvo®ADD adjuncts

    Adjuncts to differentiate and build a unique rich flavor.


  • Fromase®

    The purest microbial coagulants.

  • Maxiren®

    The most specific Fermentation Produced Chymosin coagulants.


  • Accelerzyme®

    Enzymes that accelerates cheese ripening.

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Cheese ripening solutions

  • Pack-Age®

    Pack-Age® is a high-tech packaging solution for naturally ripening cheese.

  • Delvo®Coat

    Delvo®Coat, coating protecting against yeasts and molds.

Bio preservation solutions

  • Delvo®Cid

    Natamycin-based natural preservation solution

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  • DelvoZyme®

    Enzyme with preservative functionality

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Residual antibiotic tests

  • Delvotest®

    The gold standard for antibiotic residue testing

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