Fermented milk products

A wide range of solutions for yogurts, sour cream, quark and kefir

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August 20th, 2019

Fermented milk products

Everything you need to produce high quality fermented milk products

DSM’s portfolio for Fermented Milk Products features a unique combination of high quality and cost-effective cultures, enzymes, biopreservation solutions and antibiotic residue milk tests marketed under the commercially proven brands Delvo®Fresh, Biogarde®, Delvo®Pro, Maxilact®, Delvo®Guard and Delvotest®.

We offer you the unique ability to efficiently produce premium fermented milk products and bring taste and texture solutions to set, stirred, drinking and high-in-protein yogurts, as well as for sour cream, quark and kefir. 

Our application experts have built their expertise based on 150 years of science and experience in microbiology and fermentation technology and add value by offering support in product formulation, product innovation and process optimization. In fact, DSM offers solutions for all types of fermented products, whether you produce stirred, drinkable or set yogurts, plain or with flavor, with or without probiotics, lactose-free, low-in fat, high in protein or sugar-reduced. We are proud to help to develop delicious fermented milk products with perfect taste and texture, healthier yogurt varieties with a longer shelf-life, and products that are efficiently and sustainably produced.


  • Delvo®Fresh

    High quality cultures for indulgent fermented milk products.

  • Delvo®Pro

    High quality and cost-effective probiotic strains.

  • Biogarde® & Bioghurt®

    Branded dairy cultures recommended by consumers.


  • Maxilact®

    Leading lactase enzymes for lactose-free and sugar-reduced dairy.

Bio preservation solutions

  • Delvo®Guard

    Protective cultures to extend shelf life.

Residual antibiotic tests

  • Delvotest®

    The gold standard for antibiotic residue testing.