Brewing enzyme for increasing yield

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January 07th, 2019


Build a better brewhouse yield with Filtrase® 

If you’re looking to improve mash efficiency and shorten filtration times, our Filtrase® range can help you achieve it and get better yield from raw materials like low-quality malts in beer production. This easy-to-use brewing enzyme even measures its own effectiveness against your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), including yield, conversion and filtration times.

The Filtrase® range of enzymes lets you use new and different beer ingredients. The range will improve your wort and beer filtration, decrease the throughput time and eliminate the effect that variation in raw material qualities can have on wort and beer filtration.

The bright science is only half the story: It’s supported by a global team of bright scientists and brew masters. They work closely with you to find the ideal blend of enzymes needed to make a perfect beer recipe – both in terms of quality, consistency and taste; while keeping costs and carbon emissions to a minimum.

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    Optimal brewhouse output

    Liberate more starch from the grain matrix to ensure optimal beer yield. 

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    Robust against raw material variability

    Overcomes fluctuations in crop quality and effective on a wide range of raw materials.

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    Improved filtration

    Prevents substances from slowing down or blocking filtration.

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    Expert support

    Receive support from our international team of brew masters and scientists. 

The Filtrase® range

  • Filtrase® NL Fast

    Improves the mash and beer filtration. Suitable for use with high mashing and sparging temperatures.

  • Filtrase® NLC

    Improves the mash and beer filtration. Ensures liberation of starch for optimal brewhouse yield and performance.