Fermentation Produced Chymosin coagulant

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February 05th, 2019


Maxiren®, the most specific FPC coagulants delivering high yields and consistent quality

Today’s cheese manufacturers face multiple challenges with continually increasing quality requirements, pressure to optimize whey value, taste, texture and sliceability, and a need to produce in an efficient and sustainable way. In addition, consumers are increasingly looking for vegetarian, convenient and great-tasting products, adding to the challenges cheese manufacturers must surmount. 

Using the right vegetarian rennet allows manufacturers to meet all these needs, addressing consumer demands and at the same time delivering a well-controlled proteolysis that meets the highest industrial standards in efficacy, taste and texture. 

DSM’s Maxiren® range provides the proven performance to answer these needs. This range features a portfolio of 100% pure chymosin enzymes produced by fermentation. The portfolio includes products with different levels of milk clotting activity and is available in both liquid and granulated versions. Maxiren® XDS is our latest innovation in cheese coagulants.

Working with DSM experts allows manufacturers to precisely calculate the optimal degree of coagulation required for individual products. This means they have access to tailored solutions to optimize processes, reduce cost and carbon footprint, and maintain and indeed improve cheese quality.

Maxiren® - Coagulants that meet the highest standards.

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    Highest specificity

    High specificity and low proteolysis makes Maxiren® the coagulant of choice.

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    Reliable coagulation

    High specificity and reliable coagulation translated into more flexibility for cheesemakers.

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    Improved taste and texture

    Cheese texture is maintained over shelf life.

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    Improve plant efficiency and flexibility and reduce your carbon footprint.

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    DSM’s core cheese enzyme portfolio is completely benzoate-free.

Maxiren® XDS

Maxiren® XDS is our latest innovation in cheese coagulants; it is a bovine chymosin created specifically with cheesemaker needs in mind, offering extended textural shelf life in cheese while maintaining lower proteolysis. It has the highest specificity on the market for improved texture and sliceability, to improve plant efficiency and to reduce your carbon footprint.

Especially suited for mozzarella, cheddar and string cheese, this coagulant gives cheese producers more efficiency and flexibility in production processes and means they are no longer up against the clock at every stage. As the texture of the cheese is retained, shredding, dicing, and slicing can take place effortlessly and efficiently at any point in the shelf life.

The Maxiren® range

  • Maxiren® BF

    Highly specific Fermentation Produced Chymosin rennet with less unwanted side activities.

  • Maxiren® XDS

    The most specific and lowest proteolytic Fermentation Produced Chymosin rennet available on the market.