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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

The power of innovation

It’s the power of our innovation that gives customers an all-important competitive advantage – based on market insight, application expertise and knowledge sharing.
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Just how bright is our science?

As an innovator in enzyme and fermentation technologies, DSM leads the way in the manufacturing of food enzymes, cultures, yeast extracts and other specialty ingredients. We’re also a leading supplier of vitamins and carotenoids.

In short, our innovation credentials are first class – based on finding new solutions to old challenges, and indeed new solutions to new challenges (for example, our Mixme™ packet of fortified vitamins now helping to feed the world’s malnourished).

Our innovation approach is based on several key factors:

  • Market insight and application expertise. We take a human-evidence based approach to innovation based on robust, bright science. Our R&D efforts are market oriented and based on the simple question: What are the many, evolving nutrition wants and needs of consumers worldwide - and how do we meet them?
  • Sharing knowledge across disciples, segments and even business groups. Our biotechnology center, for example, has 400 assigned scientists and overall we have access to 1,200 scientists. In food, beverages and dietary supplements they are focused on defining industry issues like obesity and sodium content, shelf life expansion, and energy consumption - and of course developing solutions for customers that solve them.
  • We support open innovation: That means working with other ingredient producers; teaming up with multinational megabrands to brainstorm and develop future food innovations; and being plugged into the academic world and various research institutes. Innovation is not something that should be done in isolation. We welcome the opportunity to work with all players in the value chain – and beyond.
  • Sustainability: At DSM we’ve committed that 80% of all new products launched between now and 2015 will be ECO+ (more economically friendly than existing, comparable products). That means finding new ingredients like nature-identical compounds; and identifying unique enzymes to innovate your production processes to reduce carbon footprint - and therefore energy consumption.

Innovation in action: A strong solution for sugar fortification

One of the key ways that sugar producers can contribute to alleviated micronutrient deficiencies is through sugar fortification – the process of adding vitamin A to sugar.

It sounds remarkably simple. But the reality has always been rather different. The process is complex, requiring a special pre-combination of sugar crystals with the vitamin A in a time-consuming and expensive exercise that requires specialist blending technology and of course experts to operate and maintain it.

So…DSM put its collective mind to work. And the result was Dry Vitamin A Palmitate 50. This innovative product doesn’t need to be prepared prior to combining with sugar during fortification – thereby completely redefining and vastly shortening – the entire production process.

This new vitamin A form can simply be blended directly with sugar without concerns of it segregating out.

Innovation in action: Healthier, tastier food

Our world-leading expertise in the science and application of enzymes, cultures and yeast extracts is improving the quality of life for millions of people every day. We’re tackling real issues that consumers - and of course our customers - want to see solved:

Delivering dairy without the lactose: Our Maxilact® enzyme makes it possible for thousands of lactose sensitive customers to enjoy dairy products with a guaranteed clean taste.

Healthier Ingredients for baking: Our Preventase™ enzyme reduces acrylamide formation by up to 90% in dough-based products, without affecting the taste, odor or color of the end product.

Bringing authenticity to formulations: Our Maxagusto® range provides the delicate taste and aroma of freshly fried garlic, onion and spice combinations. What makes it really special? Maxagusto® releases taste and aroma with up to five times the intensity of regular spice powders: The ideal way to bring that freshly prepared taste to your recipes.

Providing a local dimension to global food brands: Our Multirome® product offers a rich, complex savory taste profile for applications ranging from noodles to cooking aids…but with no yeasty odor. This has proved extremely important in the Asian market where the taste and smell of yeast isn’t widely appreciated.