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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Quality for Life™

Quality for Life™ is the seal of excellence from DSM. It encapsulates DSM’s commitment to creating a safer, fully traceable, more reliable and sustainable business. With Quality for Life™ we aim for you to be in capable hands.

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You can’t put a price tag on peace of mind – especially when it comes to protecting and nurturing brand value.

What’s in the food we eat? How did it get there?

Food provenance is increasingly high on the agenda of consumers and food manufacturers alike. Consumers trust the brands they buy; which means food manufacturers need to deliver on that trust. Safe ingredients are key to this, and the ingredients manufacturers have a vital role to play: The Quality for Life™ seal for DSM ingredients is our commitment to this, based on a four-pillared approach covers:


Quality for Life™ in action: Amway bestows major award

The application of Quality for Life™ principles helped DSM win the Amway Excellence in Global Support Award in 2011. Specifically, Amway identified three areas where we helped them improve:

  • Quality: DSM provided Amway with global regulatory support, coupled with the readiness of our ingredients worldwide.
  • Sustainability: We helped Amway establish its ‘Little Bits’ corporate social responsibility project faster than expected (‘Little Bits’ is a micronutrient product that benefits the developing world).
  • Reliability: We provided important local supply chain and cost support to Amway India - an increasingly important market for this customer.

Positive proof that Quality for Life™ has real meaning and relevance for real people.