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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements


Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at DSM – benefitting people, planet and profit. It spans everything from products to production to philanthropy.
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Sustainability is one of our greatest strengths – and a key differentiator for DSM and its customers.

Like most aspects of nutrition, the big sustainability issues are being driven by consumers who want healthy, tasty and safe products…but also some assurance that whatever they consume has been ethically and responsibly produced.

Our approach to sustainability is based on the 3Ps: People, planet and profit.

People: Our ingredients directly benefit people through their ability to provide direct nutritional benefits – from reducing sugar, salt and egg content, to supporting those who are lactose sensitive. Our work in developing enzymes to replace traditional emulsifiers leads the world. Furthermore, innovations like MixMe™ (see below) are helping to sustain life for millions of people in the developing world by supplementing their diets with important nutrients.

Planet: Our largest contribution to preserving the planet is to reduce our carbon footprint – along with that of our customers. For example, our Brewers Clarex™ brewing enzyme not only produces beautiful, clear beer but it reduces customers’ carbon emissions and energy consumption – not least because enzymes are a natural way to accelerate certain reactions. Result: Less energy consumed and less raw materials required. Within the walls of DSM we are able to maintain an increasingly sustainable product development and manufacturing operation with reduced waste.

Profit: DSM has gone on the record several times as saying there is no point in succeeding in a world that fails. By the same token there’s no future in being sustainable but failing commercially. We are a profitable company because our products are made from high-quality ingredients – which in turn enables our customers to can gain premium prices for premium brands. As we continue to reduce carbon emissions in our own manufacturing operations, this brings the added benefit of cost savings and efficiencies in energy and resources – all of which benefit the bottom line, and ultimately our customers.

Sustainability in action: Feeding the two billion

It’s one thing having strong convictions and beliefs. It’s quite another to genuinely change things.

We believe that everyone on our planet has the right to adequate nutrition…yet some two billion people in the world remain officially malnourished.

To fight this ‘hidden hunger’ we launched the DSM Nutritional Improvement Program - and in particular developed MixMe™. This small packet about the size of sugar sachet is a unique blend of micronutrients and vitamins that are simply added to regular food, enabling people to meet their daily recommended nutritional needs.

In countries like Kenya, Nepal and Bangledesh - where food is meager in both quality and quantity - MixMe™ gives children adequate nutrition.

In Bangladesh alone we have distributed 22 million packets of MixMe™. It’s a good story: And it’s a good start. Now, along with other DSM products like NutriRice, we intend to continue making life a little bit better for a lot of people.

Sustainability in action: Shelf respect

Food protection is a vital part of DSM’s role in sustainability – especially when you consider the astonishing fact that 27% of all the world’s edible food is wasted by retailers, food companies and consumers.

Through products like our Delvocid® spray, dip and coating solutions we are helping customers make some inroads into this terrible waste by protecting foods like cheese and meat from contamination and spoilage and extending the shelf life. After all, even extending a product's shelf life by one single day can have a drastic effect on what gets thrown away at the end of the day...and what gets eaten.

As our experts start to develop new food protection concepts we will open up entirely new application areas for food protection with the potential to cover everything from wine to fruit and vegetable juices to bread.

At DSM, the fight against waste has only just begun.