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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Egg processing

Whether it’s mayonaise, salad dressing or a hot egg-based sauce, our egg processing enzymes help you produce a consistently firm, creamy, high quality product that’s natural, safe… and tastes great.
Easier and more effective egg processing with DSM enzymes

Processing eggs the natural way

By using non-animal, fermentation-derived enzymes for egg yolk processing with our MAXAPAL® - you can achieve better emulsification, higher viscosity and improved thermo-tolerance in your egg-based sauces. Not to mention better consistency, with less reliance on animal and synthetic-based emulsifiers.

What’s more, our enzymes are safe and stable with no risk of acyl migration.


heat stability small

Extend shelf life of processed eggs

Higher heat stability with less oil separation

scoopability small

Improve emulsification of egg yolks

Prevent the oil droplets from coalescing

viscosity small

Enhance sauce viscosity

Thicker, creamer and more consistent egg products