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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Better apples and pears processing

Get more juice from apples

Enzymes have always played a key role in apple juice production: Our enzyme-based Smart Concept helps you take this a leap further by getting more juice from apples – with the potential to increase clear apple juice yield to 95 per cent.
Get more juice from your apples

Enzymes in apple juice

As the market leader in fruit processing enzymes we can help you across all the apple processing phases – from maceration and extraction to clarification and filtration, making your production process easier. Our Smart Concept is a blend of different enzymes that help our customers produce the highest quality pressed apple juice all over the world - reducing processing times, maximizing production capacity and reducing capital expenditure on equipment.

The result: A consistent, high quality, depectinased apple juice produced at the most competitive price, wherever in the world you (and your consumers) may be.


Get more juice with less effort

Get more juice from fruit

Increase fruit yield by two percent

Juice depectinization with DSM enzymes

Clarify juice

Produce a crystal clear juice more efficiently

Optimize your fruit and vegetable processing

Process fruits faster

Achieve a 10% increase in yield


More and better juice with Rapidase


Our leading fruit processing enzyme