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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Increase color, firmness and yield of berries

Are you looking to get more color from berries? Our enzymes help you do this the natural way, also firming berries such as strawberries in applications like yogurts – as well as increasing berry yield.
More color and more juice from your berries

Get more natural color from berries

We help you extract more intense color from the skin or peel of the fruit during berry processing without effecting the flavor, aroma or nutritional value. Our enzymes also allow you produce firmer berries that look and feel more appetizing to consumers.


Add a little do a lot with enzymes – Extracting all that nature has to offer

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Higher berry yield

With such a limited window for berry harvesting and processing, we can help you increase berry yield. For example, in 1kg of blackcurrant juice our enzymes achieve a 10% yield gain from 650ml of juice to 720ml of juice.

By improving the berry processing in this way, our customers have gained a serious competitive advantage – simultaneously boosting sustainability through reduced waste and energy usage.


With DSM enzymes juices are brighter…naturally

Extract natural berry color

Benefit from a brighter product that tastes great

Get more juice with less effort

Get more juice from berries

Increase fruit yield by two percent

Optimize your fruit and vegetable processing

Process berries faster

Achieve a 10% increase in yield


More and better juice with Rapidase


Our leading fruit processing enzyme