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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Better vegetable processing with enzymes

Our range of processing enzymes helps you produce firmer vegetable with a higher yield.
More juice or firmer structure of your vegetables

Firmer vegetables

Whether it’s tomato, onion or carrot processing, our enzymes allow you create firmer vegetables and vegetable pieces that retain their look and shape after being processed in applications like soups, canned vegetables and ready-to-eat meals. The result: A more appetizing product, with a longer shelf life.

Get more out of your tomatoes

We can also help you get more from your vegetables through a unique blend of enzymes that optimizes the macheration stage and boosts yield. Also, our enzymes increase the intensity of color in your vegetables – all while maintaining its taste and nutritional value.


More and better juice with Rapidase


Our leading fruit processing enzyme