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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Product families

An array of intermingling carotenoid powders


We offer a wide range of highly functional natural and nature-identical carotenoids. More>

Spoons with different types of sour cream


Culture systems that perform well, are reliable and cost effective. More>

People having a meal


Enzymes can drive efficiency and create exciting new products. More>

Children wearing raincoats

Food protection solutions

Natural and user-friendly products that protect your foods. More>

Group of various vitamin powder forms

Micronutrient premixes

A nutritional plus that helps you win in the market. Quali Blends Website>

Woman with latex glove holding a small plant in a glass beaker


Optimize your health with our science-backed nutraceuticals. More>

Pregnant woman with red/pink sweater and little girl holding hands

Nutritional lipids

A complete range of LC PUFAs to suit all your needs. More>


Yeast extract based flavour ingredients

Create exquisite tasting foods with our culinary building blocks. More>

Strawberry falling into yoghurt


Nobody can tell you more about vitamins than DSM. More>