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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Improve baking performance – with enzymes

Improve your baking performance in bread, cakes and biscuits with our portfolio of baking enzymes. Our natural, easy-to-use baking solutions empower you to get more from raw materials; streamline your production processes; and produce consistently high quality baked goods that look, feel and taste great.

Baking expertise, at your service

We offer you a complete portfolio of the best baking enzymes, providing maximum flexibility to meet your unique needs. This is supported by extensive technical services and tailor-made training and application development potential across our global labs in Europe, the US and APAC.


Baked goods with a better appearance and crumb structure

Improve quality of baked goods

Better bread, cakes & cookies

Sandwich bread that stays fresh for longer

Softer bread for longer

Extend softness by up to 21 days

Cake that stays fresh for longer

Softer cakes for longer

Prolong moistness and freshness

Wholemeal bread with no extra gluten added

Manage bread & flour costs

Replace expensive ingredients

Muffins with a finer crumb structure

Manage cake costs

For pound cakes and muffins

Tortilla chips with reduced acrylamide levels

Reduce acrylamide levels

An easy way to mitigate the formation of acrylamide

Sustainable baking

Enhance baking sustainability

Reduce your carbon footprint