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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Better bread, naturally

We understand the art of baking – and through a proven range of baking enzymes we help you achieve bread improvement – and a product that looks and tastes good, at minimal cost.
Baking better bread with DSM enzymes

Improve bread characteristics

By adding just a small amount of our enzymes, you can significantly improve bread characteristics; increase loaf volume; form fine and consistent crumb structures; strengthen dough; and boost processing tolerance. Our BakeZyme® range helps you delay crumb staling, while extending bread softness and resilience without creating gumminess.

Reduce bread costs

DSM baking enzymes enable you to save on ingredient costs by eliminating the need for ingredients like emulsifiers and gluten. By using our Panamore® range of lipases for example, you could achieve a 50 to 80% reduction in carbon footprint compared to using DATEM, SSL and CSL.

Capitalize on the bread health trend

To support you in meeting the growing consumer demand for healthier products, we’ve developed solutions for reduced fat, reduced sodium and wholegrain breads.


Wholemeal bread with no extra gluten added

Manage bread & flour costs

Replace expensive ingredients

Sustainable baking

Enhance baking sustainability

Reduce your carbon footprint

Sandwich bread that stays fresh for longer

Prolong bread softness

Extend softness by up to 21 days

Baguette bread baked with enzymes

Improve bread & flour quality

Improve volume and flour quality


Achieve higher and more consistent bread quality with Panamore


Bouncy bread at much lower cost