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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Optimization is a piece of cake

Cake moistness, softness and that ‘oven-fresh’ indulgent quality can all be improved by using our special cake enzymes in your cake mix.
Soft and indulgent cake that stays fresh for longer

Cake enzymes for proven performance

Our enzymes are natural, easy to use, proven to work effectively – and have no effect on the delicious taste of your product. And they reduce costs. What’s more, CakeZyme® improves cake crumb structure, enabling manufacturers to create finer, more consistent cakes.

Reduce your reliance on raw materials

From pound cake to muffins, high ratio and sponge cake, you can create a consistent high-quality product and reduce reliance on raw materials – like eggs - by using our CakeZyme® range.

Cake moistness for longer

Not only do baking enzymes like CakeZyme® produce a soft cake with more volume; they also make the cake softer and fresher for longer, thus appealing to consumers’ growing desire to avoid food waste and get the very best value from food. In fact, tests prove that cakes made with our enzymes have crumb softness equivalent to a freshly baked cake that lasts for two to three months.


Muffins with a finer crumb structure

Manage cake costs

For pound cakes and muffins

Sustainable baking

Enhance baking sustainability

Reduce your carbon footprint

Cake that stays fresh for longer

Softer cake for longer

Prolong moistness and freshness

Soft and indulgent cake with a fine crumb structure

Improve cake quality

For a super-fine crumb structure


Scientific approach to baking cakes


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