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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Smart cookies - all the time

By using the right enzymes you can produce crackers, cookies and snacks that consistently look and feel great. Our BakeZyme® range is ideal for most fine baking applications and is supported by our long-standing knowledge of the baking industry, which gives you maximum control over your baking process.
Cookies with a fine shape, texture and appearance

Taste & indulgence

Cookies, crackers and snacks are all about an indulgent eating experience. And with our BakeZyme enzymes you can bake consistently golden, crispy cookies or crackers: Our enzymes improve shape, texture and appearance – taking consumers’ sensory experience to the next level.

Production efficiency

We also help you overcome specific applications challenges. By adding BakeZyme to hard dough biscuits you can improve dough relaxation, which in turn increases dough extensibility and cuts mixing time.

BakeZyme in crackers improves dough development, reduces fermentation time and leads to more consistent fermentation. While our baking enzymes can also help solve wafer challenges - like high batter viscosity and appearance of gluten lumps.

The result: An industrially made cracker or cookie with a homemade taste and feel that keeps you in control of your baking processes – and costs.

Responsible food delivery

Now you can also significantly reduce acrylamide levels with no effect on the taste or texture of the end product, with our Preventase® range.


Cookies that look and taste good

Improve cookies & crackers quality

Boost consistency and color 

Tortilla chips with reduced acrylamide levels

Reduce acrylamide

An easy way to mitigate the formation of acrylamide




Up to 95% of Acrylamide reduction in snacks, crackers, cereals & tortillas