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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Beverage enrichment and coloration

DSM is the world’s largest integrated producer of nutritional and functional ingredients for the beverage industry. We aim to set the standard for quality as the world leader in product forms for this category.
Sparkly orange juice being poured into a glass

As an innovator in beverage enrichment, we provide a full selection of micro-nutrients, functional ingredients and carotenoid colors for the beverage segment. These ingredients can be supplied either individually, or combined in the form of a user-friendly, customer-specific Quali-Blend.

We offer extensive expertise in the nutritional fortification of beverages. Our market research helps you understand consumer health needs, while our personalized scientific, technical and production support enables you to design and develop innovative functional beverages that have optimal color, flavor, stability and consistency.

In the complex world of beverage fortification, only the strongest partnerships can deliver sustainable competitive edge. Choose the strongest partner to help deliver that advantage.

DSM can help you get to market faster with nutrition solutions that work.