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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Brewing efficiency with enzymes

If you’re looking to improve your brewing efficiency with consistently higher quality beer at lower cost…look no further than our range of brewing enzymes. We give you control over your production processes – supported by our global team of brew masters who will help you produce consistently clear, high quality beer wherever you operate, and whatever your specific beer challenge.

Reduce costs of beer production

We’ve taken brewing with enzymes to the next level with products like Brewers Clarex®. This unique patented enzyme eliminates the costly and environmentally damaging cold stabilization process helping you reduce cost and differentiate your beer - for example by offering gluten-free beer.

It’s efficient, simple and cost-effective - a natural way to shorten your processing time and increase plant capacity. Typical savings for beer producers are around 100,000 euros per million hectoliters of beer produced, coupled with an 8% reduction in carbon emissions.

Brewhouse efficiency and beer quality

Supporting our brewing portfolio is an international team of experienced brew masters and scientists who can help you improve everything from brewhouse yield, wort and beer filtration times to beer colloidal stability.

We do this by working closely with customers on a day-to-day basis, supported by world-class facilities and unique products. We offer global production facilities in France, China and the United States, supported by our beer application centers, in the Netherlands and China.

Brewers Clarex

Brewers Clarex®

Brewers Clarex® simplifies stabilization

Brewers Compass

Brewers Compass

Produce high quality beer with unmalted barley



Improve mash efficiency and shorten filtration times



Clarify beer

Deliver clear beer by preventing chill haze formation


Boost beer margins

Increase profitability and boost margins of different beer types


Reduce brewing costs

Save costs by more efficient beer production