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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Fresh dairy solutions

Keeping up with fresh dairy trends

At DSM we use a unique combination of cultures to bring fresh dairy solutions to set, stirred and drinking yogurts, as well as a variety of other fermented milk products like sour cream, quark and dahi,. We can help produce creamier, low-fat, naturally sweet healthy products. We can make dairy a delicious possibility for lactose intolerant consumers and our family of supplements and vitamins can boost yogurt nutritionally.
Fermented milk products

Cultures for indulgent yogurts

Delvo®Fresh Sensation offers a palette of cultures that allows you to create indulgent yogurts and desserts with reduced sugar and fat content with no adverse effect on luxury taste or texture. Perfect for chocolate yogurt, and creamy stirred yogurt.

Cultures for authentic tasting and regional fresh dairy products

Delvo®Fresh Pure is a range of cultures used to develop a wide variety of authentic tasting ethnic and regional dairy products like Greek yogurt, dahi and kefir. It also allows regional preferences like natural stirred yogurt and Greek yogurt to be produced on an industrial scale.

Cultures that can help output more fresh dairy products

Delvo®Fresh Proven is a range of cultures that can help output more dairy products like drinking yogurt and buttermilk from the same amount of milk, without compromise on quality or stability. It works under the most challenging process and storage conditions.

Low sugar, lactose free fresh dairy solutions

Maxilact® is a natural enzyme that, for over 50 years, has been used to allow lactose intolerant people to fully enjoy dairy products. Today, it also means you can reduce sugar content in products by up to 20% without losing any of the natural sweet taste.

Fortification and supplementation

We offer the most comprehensive ready-made family of premium nutritional solutions for enhancing and supplementing yogurt and dahi products. Our Quali-blends are the world’s leading range of quality vitamin solutions (from A – K), while our fish oil supplements and weight loss enhancing emulsions can help boost health benefits.



Lactose free solutions

High purity lactase for delicious lactose free dairy


Low sugar, same taste

Natural sugar reduction


Healthy indulgent desserts

Indulgent desserts with less sugar and fat


Gearing up to produce more fresh dairy

Get more out of your milk

Delvotest small

Antibiotic residue testing

Accurate, reliable antibiotic residue testing throughout the milk chain.





The portfolio for all things yoghurt and beyond



Our lactose-free portfolio for milk, ice cream, whey drinks, yogurt.