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Milk Solutions

Antibiotic residue tests and lactase

We help milk producers in many ways. Our Delvotest® kit allows farmers, dairies and milk control labs to keep milk free from antibiotic residues. Our neutral lactase Maxilact® makes dairy possible for generations of lactose intolerant consumers. While our family of supplements and vitamins help boost milk nutritionally.
A glass of healthy milk

The benefits of lactose free dairy

Whether you’re focusing on making dairy an enjoyable option for everyone, or wishing to create low sugar,  clean tasting, authentic dairy products, Maxilact® can make it all possible.

Maxilact® is a neutral lactase, which splits lactose into glucose and galactose, which means it doesn’t create the bloating, cramps and bowel symptoms associated with undigested lactose being present in the large intestine. Subsequently, millions of lactose intolerant consumers can now enjoy delicious dairy products.

And with the emphasis forever moving towards low-sugar, low-fat options, Maxilact® can also provide a natural sweetness while reducing sugar content by up to 20% in dairy products. And because it is completely free of invertase activity, there is absolutely no compromise on the clean taste.

Antibiotic residue milk testing

40 years on from the development of our Delvotest®, DSM are still market leaders in antibiotic residue testing.

That’s because we continue to use bright science to push the boundaries to help farmers, dairies and milk control labs keep milk consistently safe throughout the entire milk chain.

Our range of antibiotic residue tests gives fast reliable results for last minute reassurance and our broad spectrum test has a unique high sensitivity for tetracyclines.

Today, Delvotest® is the national benchmark for accuracy in many countries worldwide, helping to keep business reputations water tight and consumer confidence high.

Fortification and Supplementation of milk

DSM offer the most comprehensive ready-made family of premium nutritional solutions for boosting and supplementing milk.

Our Quali-blends are the world’s leading range of vitamin ingredients (from A – K) and come in a flexible format of applications. Everything from fish oil based products with Omega 3 to enrich dairy products (we also have a vegetarian option with the same benefits by the way), to solutions that help boost the skin’s natural antioxidant defense.

But we’re not just there to provide products, we’re can also help advise you on how to reduce complexity in your value chain and increase production efficiency. Healthy bodies, healthy business. 


Milk testing

Milk Testing

Accurate, reliable antibiotic residue testing throughout the milk chain.





Our lactose-free portfolio for milk, ice cream, whey drinks, yogurt.



Reliable antibiotic residue testing