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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Whey solutions

Getting the most out of your whey

DSM offers a unique set of whey solutions that keeps up with a dynamic, constantly changing market. We can keep you ahead in the quality stakes by helping you produce products with optimum colour, taste and texture while still controlling processing times and production costs. Our ultimate aim is to become the world’s leading whey ingredients solution provider of the future.
Whey solutions

Bleaching without traces

MaxiBright® is a liquid peroxidase that manages to eliminate historical problems related to bleaching whey. MaxiBright® leaves no unwanted traces in you whey, speeds up the total processing time and produces a consistent, high quality final product.

Better taste

Our whey portfolio also includes a number of proteases that help avoid bitterness in whey products – hugely important when distinguishing yourself through authentic taste and quality.

Lactose free solutions for whey

Our neutral lactase, Maxilact®, is used for lactose hydrolysis in sweet whey and is perfect for entering into the profitable lactose-free and sweetness enhanced product markets.

Optimizing whey production

Our solutions can help you optimize processing times, reduce costs and utilize your existing plant resource without unnecessary additional investment.




Our lactose-free portfolio for milk, ice cream, whey drinks, yogurt.

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