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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Food protection

Protection you can trust: we make it happen

Anti-microbial, anti-mold and yeast protection

Natural anti-microbial, anti-mold and yeast protection is essential for your products if you’re a manufacturer. So is being in full control of your food production. At DSM we can help you achieve this through food protection solutions that are proven to work – over nearly 50 years, for thousands of customers around the world.

Our ingredients don’t just protect your product, they also protect profit - and the planet by creating resource opportunities that reduce waste and spoilage; and boost yield and quality for manufacturers in dairy, baking, savory, meat and beverages.

Food protection: Outstanding service

All this is combined with what we believe is the best service offering in the industry, supported by a dedicated and knowledgeable team. From both a scientific, application and production standpoint we can help you succeed - no matter where you are, or what type of operation you run.

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thumb-Food safety

Ensure food safety

Food safety means being in control of your process

food waste thumb

Reduce food waste

Prevent food waste and save money

thumb-Prevent mold

Prevent mold

Prevent yeast and mold with our natural preservatives


Prevent bacteria

Antibacterial products for processed foods

thumb-Ripen cheese

Ripen cheese

Increased margins with new ripening technology