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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements


Increase the shelf life of your baked goods

Preventing yeast and mold growth in bread and baked goods is a challenge for high moisture products with short shelf lives. Our unique spray (based on natamycin) helps you extend shelf life by days or even weeks; reducing your percentage of returns and increasingly your profitability.

Delvo®Cid to prevent yeast and mold

If you’re suffering with high returns due to staling or mold in your baked goods (some industrial bread producers we speak to have hit 20-30% return rates from supermarkets) then look no further than our Delvo®Cid solution. Simply apply this very fine spray to the surface of your product and you can prevent mold growth and extend shelf life for days - or even weeks.


thumb-Prevent mold

Prevent mold

Prevent yeast and mold with our natural preservatives


Prevent bacteria

Antibacterial products for processed foods

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Reduce food waste

Prevent food waste and save money

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Ensure food safety

Food safety means being in control of your process





Protects food against bacteria, mold and yeast with natural preservatives.



Stop the growth of bacteria in heat-processed food



Prevents late blowing in cheese and spoilage in wine