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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements


Anti yeast and mold solutions for beverages

Sorbate replacement in beverages is possible and available today for preserving unpasteurized drinks. In fact, it’s precisely what our natural, anti fungal and bacterial products are proven to provide - extending shelf life with absolutely no compromise on taste.

Sorbate replacement with Delvo®Cid

Our Delvo®Cid solution is a proven, natural response to the need for an alternative to traditional solutions like sorbate or benzoate. It’s natural with a non-metallic aftertaste - which means consumers benefit from better tasting soft drinks; while as a manufacturer you need only extremely small dosages (less than 1% of sorbate).

Sorbate replacement in Latin America

In Latin America, a beverage producer was selling non-carbonated soft drinks while using cold-fill systems. Because of the relatively high pH level of the drink, very large dosages of sorbate were needed to extend shelf life – negatively affecting the product’s taste.

By adding our Delvo®Cid and Delvo®Nis solutions the customer increased shelf life, solved the off-taste problems and increase drinkability of the beverage. Good for people, planet and profit.

In fact when it comes to beverages, we’ve got virtually everything covered: For bacterial problems, you can add our Delvo®Nis to your beverage to control possible gram-positive bacteria or spore formers.


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Prevent mold

Prevent yeast and mold with our natural preservatives


Prevent bacteria

Antibacterial products for processed foods

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Reduce food waste

Prevent food waste and save money

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Ensure food safety

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Protects food against bacteria, mold and yeast with natural preservatives



Stop the growth of bacteria in heat-processed food



Prevents late blowing in cheese and spoilage in wine