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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements


Antifungal solutions for meat

Preserving meat with natamycin – for example our Premicoat® solution -  will help you reduce waste and cost while extending shelf life: Our solutions based on natamycin are good for people, planet and profit.

Prevention of mold and yeast in meat with natamycin

Over 45 years we’ve built up a rich understanding of fermented meats and the unique conditions needed to protect them. Our products are based on natamycin – a proven, natural and safe ingredient that’s also easy to use, integrating seamlessly into your existing set-up - with no compromise on taste.

Keeping sausages safe from mold and fungi

How do you balance the good with the bad? For sausage manufacturers we are helping to solve this challenge. Dry cured sausages tend to accrue surface bacteria as they ripen, which is good. The problem is that the long hanging time can produce moisture that provides an ideal target for yeast and molds to grow.

Which is why manufacturers of salami, chorizo and cured sausage makers are increasingly turning to our Delvo®Cid product range. This easy-to-apply preservative puts them in control of their processes and prevents the need for intensive cleaning process or waste.


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Prevent mold

Prevent yeast and mold with our natural preservatives


Prevent bacteria

Antibacterial products for processed foods

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Reduce food waste

Prevent food waste and save money

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Ensure food safety

Food safety means being in control of your process





Protects food against bacteria, mold and yeast with natural preservatives.



Stop the growth of bacteria in heat-processed food



A natural cheese ripening method with no coating needed