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Enzymatic degumming produces higher oil yield and more protein value

Are you looking for oilseed crushing and refining with maximum value? Purifine® phospholipases from DSM are unique degumming enzymes that boost your oilseed crushing and refining margins, enabling you to achieve a higher oil yield of up to 2,5%. Our enzymes also reduce the low value fatty matter in the meal (by-product), increasing the protein concentration and thus the value of your meal.
Higher oil yield with enzymatic degumming

What is enzymatic degumming?

Naturally occurring phospholipids in seed oils need to be removed to ensure stable high-quality oil. Enzymatic degumming makes these polar impurities water-soluble allowing them to be removed as gums. The enzymatic degumming of oils is an economical alternative to water degumming and caustic refining. It transforms the gums into oil and makes it easier to separate them in a more environment-friendly manner.

See this infographic showing the benefits of using the Purifine technology for people, planet and profit.

Helping you improve your oilseed processing

The quest for improved oilseed processing is supported by our technical team, available worldwide – from Asia to the Americas to Europe. We have all the know-how you need for first time right implementations. And we do this in partnership with the leading oilseed technology engineering companies Alfa Laval and Desmet Ballestra.

Our application scientists use 31 P-NMR to profile your oil and determine attainable yields at the start of a project. From here, we can help you with staff training, calibration of lab equipment, along with any technical support you need.

Ultimately, we will help you generate a better understanding of the properties of your oil using our GC, HPLC, ICP & 31P NMR methods; and we can run pH, FFA, soap in oil and oil in gum tests.


Add a little, do a lot with Purifine®

Check the Purifine® benefits infographic>



Optimize oil degumming

Higher oil yield with less energy/water consumption


Increase oil yield

Increase yield of degummed and refined seed oils