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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Cost management: Do more with less

How can you get maximum flavor for less? Our family of savory ingredients not only benefit consumers but is also kind to your cost base. With our ingredients you need very small dosages in formulation, enabling you to keep culinary creativity high… and costs low.
Noodle soup with unami taste & flavor

You only need the smallest amounts of our yeast extracts and process flavors to build flavor – less than one per cent of the entire recipe. 

By developing highly concentrated ingredients - without added salt or bulking agents - we help you create the right flavor profile in a cost efficient way. You can take advantage of these benefits by using unique tools we’ve developed to create better performing recipes at a lower cost-in-use compared to HVPs or basic yeast extracts. 

We do this using our unique building block approach, which boosts and builds flavor in a holistic way. It’s easy to implement and enables our customers to get to the heart of cost management, fast.

Cutting cost, not flavor

When it comes to cost management not all yeast extracts are equal. For example, our savory taste ingredient Multirome® optimally combines rich indulgent savory, umami taste - while its concentration level keeps cost-in-use at an all time low.  

You need a much lower dosage compared to basic yeast extracts - which means reductions in your operating working capital, transportation and storage costs (and a lower carbon footprint).


Chicken soup in bowl


If you’re looking for deep soup flavor.

Bowls with sauces and dressings in different colors


Add authentic flavor to your sauce or dressing.

Bowl of potato snacks


Drive taste of crisps, chips or crackers in new directions.

Chicken noodle soup in a bowl

Ready to eat meals

Boost and guide taste in ready meals.



Build delicious chicken or beef taste.



Noodle soup in bowl with chopsticks


Rich savory and umami flavor plus salt reduction.