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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Soup flavor: Soups & bouillons

If you’re looking for deep soup flavor, our family of savory ingredients helps you enhance your product in various directions - from dry and powdered soups and bouillons, to instant, canned and pouch-based soups. Besides bringing an authentic taste to your recipes, we can also help with sodium reduction or with controlling the costs of your recipe – good for people and profit.
Chicken soup in bowl

Chicken soup in an instant

How do you build flavor in instant chicken soup? At DSM we combine our savory ingredients in a unique way to help you boost your recipes, providing greater authenticity and a more intense umami taste. The example below shows how we can contribute to your products. Whatever suits you – and consumers.

Soups bouillons - Enhanced taste chicken soup spiderweb
Soups bouillons - Enhanced taste chicken soup table


Savory maxagusto thumb


Taste and aroma of freshly fried garlic, onion and spices.



Get natural flavor into your food.



Natural ingredient to bring out savory taste and flavor.

cost reduction


Rich savory and umami flavor plus salt reduction.

Savory gistex


Build savory taste foundation without specific flavour notes.