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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Wine making

Biotech products (yeast, enzymes or mannoproteins) play a key role in winemaking - from fermenting grape sugar into alcohol, to increasing volume, enhancing wine quality and improving its stability when bottled.
Close-up of a glass with white wine and Claristar logo

Developed by our winemaking experts in close collaboration with leading oenological universities and institutes, we produce and supply a complete range of specially designed wine biotechnology ingredients for selected oenological applications. Whether producing bulk or super premium wines, our enzymes, wine yeasts and natural fermentation aids provide tailored solutions for winemakers around the world.

Our products offer:

  • Improved settling, aging and filtration
  • Increased yields, aroma and polyphenol extraction
  • Yeast nutrients for complete and controlled fermentation
  • Specific aroma and tannin structures for better flavor and mouthfeel
  • Removal of undesirable toxic compounds (ochratoxins) and corked and musty taints in finished wines.