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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements


Event details:

13 Mar 2018
End Date:
15 Mar 2018
In attendance:
DSM Food Specialties -Dairy Ingredients


With consumers increasingly reaching for healthy dairy products at mealtimes and snacks, DSM will showcase its solutions that help food producers meet the growing demand for healthy, tasty, and affordable dairy. flavored yogurt is popular among consumers for its great taste, however it can be high in sugar.

To enable sugar reduction in flavored dairy products while maintaining the desired sensory profile, DSM has an enzyme- and culture-based concept on offer. enzyme- and culture-based concept on offer. With Maxilact® and Delvo®Yog, the sweetness that is naturally present in dairy products can be doubled while providing enhanced taste and texture, thereby enabling dairy producers to reduce added sugar in their recipes.

DSM recently introduced a new culture for the efficient production of tasty, firm-textured Swiss cheese. DSM’s Delvo®Cheese SW-250 guarantees consistent end-product quality, sensory profile, and signature eye formation, while creating cheese with distinctly Swiss, isovaleric and clean taste notes. This new addition to DSM’s portfolio of Swiss cheese cultures complements and completes the range, which includes propioni bacteria, enzymes, and coagulants.

Visitors to DSM’s booth at CFIA can learn more about the company’s complete range of dairy solutions, serving the industry from cow to consumer. This includes bio-preservation solutions, such as bioprotective cultures, as well as DSM’s globally-recognized Delvotest® products for residual antibiotic testing in dairy.