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How much do consumers really know about acrylamide?

It seems that almost all food manufacturers and regulators are concerned about reducing acrylamide. But what do the most important people in the global acrylamide debate - consumers - really think?

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A new revolution in brewing

Who is drinking craft beer, and what do they look for in their brew? The DSM Global Insights Series surveyed craft beer drinkers in 7 countries to find out.

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Innovation opportunities for the breakfast table

Breakfast is increasingly being recognized as essential to starting the day right. In part two of our latest consumer insights report, we looked at breakfast habits in Europe and the US and the emerging innovation opportunities for food and beverage manufacturers.

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What we’re eating to start the day

What we’re eating to start the day

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, but just how many people are taking time for breakfast, and what do they eat? Part one of our consumer insights report on breakfast habits in Europe and the US looks at the trends shaping our morning meals.

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Sugar reduction is the new normal: Rethinking sugar labeling strategies

Sugar content in the food we eat has become big news, and it’s having an impact on public opinion. We dove into consumer opinions and behavior when it comes to reducing sugar.   Download report>


Fueling the future of lactose-free

Demand for lactose-free dairy is on the rise around the world, and especially so in Spain. Here, according to EuroMonitor International, the CAGR for lactose-free dairy from 2016 to 2021 is expected to be 18.4%, compared to 7.5% worldwide. So, what can Spanish dairy producers do to better serve this growing market? Our latest report reviews new research into what consumers are looking for from their lactose-free dairy in Spain. Download report>

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Gluten-Free bread: Innovation Opportunities

Gluten-free bread has become a strong contender in the evolving baking segment. What does the future hold to deliver innovation? More>

Six hot trends to watch for lactose-free dairy

Six hot trends to watch for lactose-free dairy

These six trends will impact the lactose-free dairy market and we highlight how dairy producers can capitalize on this. More>

Sugar-Reduced Dairy’s Health Paradox

Sugar-Reduced Dairy’s Health Paradox

In a recent DSM consumer survey, more than 60% of respondents reported that they are concerned about the amount of sugar in their dairy products. More>

The evolving market for lactose-free

Cheese please!

Three ways cheesemakers are reaching the health-conscious consumer. More>

The evolving market for lactose-free

The evolving market for lactose-free

Providing dairy for all and not just the lactose intolerant. More>

Got more milk?

Got more milk?

Increased milk production increases the need for antibiotic testing. More>

How Sustainable is Your Cheese?

How Sustainable is Your Cheese?

Advances in technology are enabling cheesemakers to get more from their milk. More>


Mapping the future of lactose-free dairy

In its latest report, DSM reveals what is driving global consumer preference for lactose-free dairy and gives recommendations on how to make the most of the lactose-free dairy opportunity. More>


What’s that stuff? Gluten-reduced beer

Beers have started to appear in liquor stores worldwide with new labels advertising “gluten-free” and “gluten-reduced.” But this niche isn’t just a callow bow to foodie trends. It’s a clever exploit of established science. More>

Sugar reduction - flavored milk

Flavored milk; what is key for continuing success?

Flavored milk has undergone a transformation in recent years. But with pressure to cut sugar consumption mounting, what does the future hold for manufacturers striving to deliver innovation in this area? More>


Pack-Age® saves over 200,000 tons of cheese annually

DSM has quantified the sustainable advantages of using its cheese ripening solution, Pack-Age®, over naturally ripened and coated Gouda and Parmesan cheese. More>


Consumers love sugared dairy, but have growing concerns about sugar intake

DSM unveils consumer attitudes to sugared dairy. It shows that they expect to consumer more sugared dairy in the next three years, despite having major concerns about added sugar in dairy. More>


Consumers opt for low-sugar yogurt but prefer sugar-free soft drinks

DSM unveils consumer attitudes to low-sugar and no-sugar foods and drinks. More>

Diverse regional consumption trends fuel yogurt growth opportunities

Diverse regional consumption trends fuel yogurt growth opportunities

DSM reveals how yogurt preferences differ between countries and cultures and sheds light on new opportunities for yogurt manufacturers. More>

Digestibility drives yogurt consumption in China

Digestibility drives yogurt consumption in China

Dairy demand in China is growing and, after milk and flavored milk drinks, it’s yogurt leading this growth. More>

Go gluten free

Future directions for brewers - Go gluten free

A consumer research conducted by DSM delves into online analytics and trends with regards to specialty beer and gluten consciousness exploring the opportunities for brewers to tap into new markets with gluten-free beer. More>

Yogurt becoming a healthy staple

A clean bill of health for yogurt

An international survey conducted by DSM reveals that today’s increasingly health-conscious consumers want a return to traditional values of natural, simple ingredients. More>

Yogurt becoming a healthy staple

Yogurt becoming a healthy staple

Survey reveals that appeal of yogurt is on the rise globally as health-conscious consumers make it a regular habit. More>

DSM Global Insight Series Savoury - Consumer taste preferences

Consumer taste preferences

Taste that makes consumers think of fresh, natural and home-cooked food matters most. More>


Holistic heart health nutrition

The heart is a powerful organ, which will beat over three billion times during an average lifetime. However, cardiovascular disease (CVD) has become a prevalent heart health challenge, which has risen to the forefront of consumer concerns in recent years. More>


The importance of nutritional lipids

Omega-3 has been the subject of research for over 20 years, resulting in more than 25,000 journal articles supporting the positive health benefits of nutritional lipids. More>

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The road to good nutrition

Part of DSM and Sight and Life’s Vitamins in Motion campaign, this new book brings together experience and insights of globally recognized experts in the field to forge collective action on malnutrition. More>

DSM Global Insight Series Savoury - The salt gap

The salt gap

How accurate are consumers’ perceptions of the amount of salt they consume? More>

Woman with latex glove holding a small plant in a glass beaker

Vitamin E

Consumption of vitamin E has been in decline in recent years and it is now estimated that more than 90 per cent of the population in the US do not meet the dietary intake recommendations. More>