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Future directions for brewers - Go gluten free

A consumer research conducted by DSM delves into online analytics and trends with regards to specialty beer and gluten consciousness exploring the opportunities for brewers to tap into new markets with gluten-free beer.

In 2013, ‘gluten’ was the fifth most common search term people used when typing the words ‘what is...’ in Google. The term “gluten-free beer” grew in popularity greater than 5000% in 2014 according to Google Trends. Yet, less than 1% of beers launched in 2014 had a gluten-free claim. The research conducted by DSM shows that there is a great consumer interest and attraction in the gluten trend, that brewers can benefit from.

With the growth of artisanal and specialty beers, addressing new target audiences with innovations is an opportunity for brewers that are mainly associated with traditional lager beer. The ability to diversify product lines whilst increasing cost-efficiencies may be especially timely for the large beer producers, with lager beer sales in decline for years.

Download this report to gain insights into consumer trends and learn how you explore and capitalize on new market opportunities with gluten-free beer.

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Go gluten free


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