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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Holistic heart health nutrition

The heart is a powerful organ, which will beat over three billion times during an average lifetime. However, cardiovascular disease (CVD) has become a prevalent heart health challenge, which has risen to the forefront of consumer concerns in recent years. Global awareness of heart health is increasing and a rising number of people are taking a proactive approach to improving heart health.

Guard your heart

To the heart of the matter

To help maintain heart health, consumers are opting for naturally sourced functional foods, beverages and dietary supplements as part of a holistic and health-focused approach to lifestyle. The maintenance of normal cholesterol, blood pressure levels and healthy circulation are often seen as the three key pillars of heart health. 


The cardiovascular system is susceptible to a number of threats, including coronary heart disease, arterial disease and hypertension, all of which can be referred to as CVD. With high consumer demand for ways to tackle these heart health challenges, scientific research into ingredients that can support heart health is ongoing and new developments are emerging on a regular basis. Download our flyer to learn more about the latest innovations.

Innovative heart health solutions

With the extensive range of dietary supplements and functional foods now available, it has never been easier to keep hearts ticking over. DSM’s extensive heart health portfolio includes a range of ingredients, which include OatWell®, vitamin E and vitamin B6 and B12. Click here to find out more about DSM’s Guard your heart platform. 

DSM has developed a portfolio of products for the flourishing heart health market to support customers. Fruitflow®  is a naturally-derived scientifically-substantiated technology which helps to maintain smooth blood circulation. OatWell®  is an oat beta-glucan proven to reduce cholesterol levels. MEG-3® is a source of EPA/DHA omega-3 from fish oil, proven to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) death and sudden cardiac death (SCD).