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Consumers love sugared dairy, but have growing concerns about sugar intake

DSM unveils consumer attitudes to sugared dairy. An international survey conducted among more than 5,000 adults across five countries shows that they, and their children in particular, have increased consumption of sugared dairy (34% and 53% respectively). It also shows that they expect to continue doing so in the next three years, despite having major concerns about added sugar in dairy.

The survey data reveals that 80% of the consumers agree that dairy foods with low or no sugar are better for their health, and that over 60% are concerned about sugar content in these products. Despite that, the growth in the consumption of sugared dairy is predicted to stay, especially in countries like China, U.S. and Brazil.

Today, the highest consumption of sugar-reduced dairy is seen in Brazil and Spain, with 27% and 32% respectively preferring these options. Reasons for choosing sugar-reduced dairy are weight loss or management, as well as maintaining good health to prevent diabetes or keep up fitness levels throughout the day.

DSM expects the growing concerns over added sugar to pave the way for sugar-reduced dairy all over the world. Understanding what drives consumers, provides insights for manufacturers launching products that offer no-sugar or reduced-sugared options. Download the report to find out what goes on in consumers’ minds when selecting their favorite sugared dairy foods.

Consumers love sugared dairy, but have growing concerns about sugar intake