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Flavored milk: taste, variety and sugar content key for continuing success

Flavored milk has undergone a transformation in recent years. There are now more flavors than ever before and varieties developed to appeal to adults as well as children. But with pressure to cut sugar consumption mounting, what does the future hold for manufacturers striving to deliver innovation in this area?

Based on an international consumer survey in US, China, Brazil, Spain and Germany, the report zooms in on consumer preferences and trends. It reveals that flavored milk consumption is soaring. Better taste and more flavor varieties are important in further stimulating demand, as well as addressing concerns on the sugar content in their dairy products.

Download the report and read:

  • The latest trends on flavored milk
  • New opportunities for this category
  • Which countries enjoy the highest consumption
  • Why people consume flavored milk
  • And will the consumer concern on sugar in dairy hinder further growth of this category?
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Sugar reduction flavored milk

Understanding consumer preference on sugar reduction: flavored milk