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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements


We offer a wide range of highly functional natural and nature-identical carotenoids.
An array of intermingling carotenoid powders

Carotenoids are a family of more than 600 pigments found in nature that give color to egg yolks, tomatoes, fungi, all green leaves, fruits, and flowers.

We are one of the world’s leading providers of carotenoids: Ranging from Beta Carotene to Lutein to Zeaxanthin, our products provide you with very high bioavailability and consistent physical function and quality.

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Actilease® logo

Actilease® is an efficient microencapsulation technology. The beadlet contains droplets of micronutrients in a protective food starch matrix, preventing tabletting losses and interactions with other compounds. More>

AstaSana product logo

AstaSana™ is a high-quality, high-potency carotenoid whose antioxidant power offers significant health benefits and complements the performance of other antioxidants. More>

Logo of CaroCare natural betacarotene

Our CaroCare® solution offers natural-source Beta-Carotene formulations that offer ease-of-use, superior color stability and minimum color intensity. More>

Logo of Quali-Carotene

Beta-Carotene is a member of the carotenoid family: Highly pigmented, fat-soluble compounds found in many fruits, grains, oils, and vegetables. More>

Apocarotenal crystals

Apocarotenal, or trans-β-apo-8'-carotenal, is a carotenoid found in spinach and citrus fruits. More>


Canthaxanthin crystals

Canthaxanthin is the natural pigment of the Chanterelle mushroom. It also occurs in various lower animals, insects, fishes, crustaceans and birds. More>


Logo of FloraGLO (Lutein)

Lutein is a yellow pigment found in many plants – particularly the marigold. More>


Logo of redivivo (Lycopene)

redivivo® Lycopene from DSM is a nature-identical lycopene with the highest purity level. More>


Logo of OPTISHARP (Zeaxanthin) - Simply more for your eyes

We are a leading provider of Zeaxanthin – in the form of our OPTISHARP® Natural Zeaxanthin product. Zeaxanthin is a structural isomer that belongs the carotenoids family. More>


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