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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements


Releasing micronutrients where they’re needed. 

Actilease® is an efficient microencapsulation technology. Actilease® beadlets combine protection and easy handling of the active in your products, while improving its bioavailability.  
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The Actilease® beadlet contains droplets of micronutrients in a protective food starch matrix, preventing tabletting losses and interactions with other compounds. Superior stability and a very low extrusion loss allow lower overages and smaller tablets. Meanwhile convenient handling characteristics are provided by the low hygroscopicity, excellent flowability and uniform particle size. As consumer awareness about bioavailability grows, so does the need for more bioavailable ingredients and product forms. The Actilease® beadlet doesn’t just provide unrivaled protection for micronutrients, it actively releases them, too. When the beadlets reach the stomach, the protective matrix dissolves, releasing the micronutrient droplets, allowing them to be absorbed by the body.

Pearl under the sea

Actilease® beadlets have been meeting this requirement for decades. They contain micro-sized particles of lipophilic substances in a water soluble shell which combine high bioavailability with excellent stability,for more efficiency.

You find our Actilease® beadlet technology in following product formulations: FloraGLO®, Optisharp®, Redivivo®, Quali-Carotene®, All-Q®