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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Postharvest fruit

Are you looking for a natural way to reduce spoilage and extend shelf life of fruits?  BioSpectra 100SC is a natural, fungal biocontrol agent for postharvest treatments that is proven to be safe and highly effective against all major fungal postharvest diseases.

As a fruit grower and packer, you need to be able to maintain a fine balance between protecting your produce as effectively as possible - while meeting the growing consumer demand for healthy, safe and nutritious food. BioSpectra® 100SC enables you to achieve both goals.

Through its unique mode of action, BioSpectra® 100SC protects your fruit against a broad spectrum of diseases in a range of different fruits, including citrus, stone fruits, cherries, and pome fruits.

The active ingredient, Natamycin, is produced by a bacterial culture of Streptomyces natalencis following a strictly controlled fermentation process. and has shown no evidence of resistance development in the past decades.

Best of all? Natamycin is already widely used as a food additive across all major markets and is exempt from tolerance for in the U.S. for postharvest applications.

  • Broad-spectrum activity against all major fungal postharvest diseases
  • Naturally derived (Streptomyces natalensis)
  • No evidence of resistance development to date
  • Controls Thiabendazole, Imazalil, Pyrimethanil, and Fludioxonil resistant strains
  • Exempt from tolerance in the United States
  • Natamycin is an FDA approved active ingredient in food applications

BioSpectra®100SC is available from DSM in association with our partner, Pace International – an industry leader in postharvest solutions.

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