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Zivion® M: Healthy mushrooms, healthier profits

Zivion® M is a unique bio-protective agent that prevents dry bubble disease in mushrooms. We’re helping farmers increase yields and maximize profitability in a highly competitive industry – and all in a completely safe and sustainable way.
Happy farmer with mushrooms in his hands
Proud farmer holding a box of white button mushrooms

We know that for mushroom farmers, crops blighted by dry bubble disease can spell disaster – which is why we developed Zivion® M – a bio-protective agent that can maximize your yields.

Zivion® M is new and unique in the marketplace. It’s easy to use (applied directly to mushroom beds both before and in between picks) and doesn’t require any special equipment or re-engineering of current farming processes and it is OMRI listed.

It all adds up to good news for farm owners, workers…and consumers.

Beautiful white button mushrooms presented

If you’re a mushroom farmer what specifically can Zivion® M do for you?

Zivion® M:

  • delivers a higher yield by protecting your crop against dry bubble disease;
  • maximizes your revenues and profit;
  • achieves this with no changes to your production process;
  • offers all this through a natural crop protection solution.

Bottom line: Zivion® M is a unique innovation in the mushroom market that could just give you an all-important competitive edge.

Beautiful white button mushrooms

It couldn’t be simpler. Farmers simply apply Zivion® M on the mushroom beds both before and between picks.

Zivion® M is based on an all-natural, bio-based compound, proven to protect people and products from harmful microorganisms, and especially mold and fungal growth.

Our customers have been using the key ingredient - natamycin - successfully in the food industry for 45 years across 155 countries. All of which makes Zivion® M the ideal solution for all types of mushroom growers.

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White button mushrooms sliced in the kitchen

Zivion® is an umbrella brand for DSM crop protection products.

The first product in this range is Zivion® M, a natural solution to prevent dry bubble disease on mushrooms.

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DSM has partnered with Sylvan Inc., a recognized international leader in the mushroom industry to develop and market Zivion® M.

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