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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Cultures and enzymes for cheese

Improve flavor and quality for game-changing cheese

Do you want to optimize cheese production while improving cheese flavor and quality? Our reliable Delvo®Cheese family of starter cultures and adjuncts make it happen especially when you combine them with our proven natural enzymes and coagulants.
Delvo®Cheese cultures and enzymes for production of Continental Cheese, Cheddar and Pasta Filata

Time for a more ‘cultured’ cheese?

DSM Cheese cultures have always been the starting point for great cheese and with DSM enzymes they provide an ideal solution for all kinds of cheeses, depending on market and consumer needs.

An extended shelf life in pasta filata for long-lasting cheese texture? Faster ripening times and unique flavors in continental cheese? Optimizing production? Whatever the need, our products will meet them.

In fact with 100 years’ experience in the cheese industry, our combination of products and expert people we can help you build a winner.



Maxiren® XDS

Maxiren® XDS for long-lasting cheese texture