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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Delvo®Cheese for the Pasta Filata you expect

Extend shelf life of your Pasta Filata cheese

Our Delvo®Cheese dairy cultures for Pasta Filata cheese extend shelf life while delivering a clean, fresh taste – especially when combined with dairy enzymes like our Maxiren® XDS.
Delvo®Cheese CP dairy culture for production of Pasta Filata, such as provolone, mozzarella, kashkaval, string cheese, pizza cheese and robust cultures.

Dairy cultures for Pasta Filata production

Delvo®Cheese CP is our specialist culture that delivers a consistent acidification in cheese cultures for Pasta Filata - extending shelf life while increasing the elasticity and browning of the cheese.

Maximize benefits…with coagulant Maxiren®

Pair our dairy cultures for pasta filata with Maxiren® and you increase these functional benefits through more efficient processing - which in turn enables more consistent shredding, slicing and dicing of the cheese with fewer fines and losses.

Supported by our people and products and 100 years’ industry experience, we’ll make your filata cheese a true lasting success.


Reliable and consistent acidification

  • Robust cultures with independent rotations for continuous cheese production
  • Consistent  acidification in 3 to 4 hours depending on application

Functional advantages

  • Consistent cheese browning
  • Optimized cheese stretching
  • Extended shelf-life with the same attributes

Supported by 100 years’ dairy experience



Maxiren® XDS

Maxiren® XDS for long-lasting cheese texture