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Delvo®Cheese SW for Swiss Cheese

A total solution for Swiss cheese

What if you could find a total solution to all your Swiss cheese challenges - in one place? Now you can with Delvo®Cheese SW from DSM - a unique portfolio of cultures, enzymes, coagulants, adjuncts and propioni bacteria for Swiss cheese applications – improving taste & texture, extending shelf life, reducing ripening times, and improving productivity and yield.

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Swiss cheese containing DSM cultures and enzymes

Delvo®Cheese SW-250 for mature Emmental applications

With the addition of our latest culture for mature Emmental applications - Delvo®Cheese SW-250 – we now offer you the unique ability to produce Swiss cheese with clean isovaleric notes tailored to the specific sensorial attributes that consumers desire.

Delvo®Cheese SW-250 guarantees a consistent end-quality and is a cost-effective solution as it reduces production time while maintaining the desired flavor.

In fact, whether you produce Emmental Gruyere, Maasdam, Leerdammer, Comté, or Beaufort cheese, our Delvo®Cheese SW solution enables you to:

Boost taste profile of Swiss cheese applications, maximizing the nutty flavor that consumers love.

Improve consumption convenience by enabling easier sliceability and shredding in Swiss cheese applications.

Extend shelf life and reduce ripening times in Swiss cheese applications (through our lactic cultures, for example), improving yield while often shortening production times.

Truly, it’s a Swiss cheese solution!


  • A total solution for all types of Swiss cheese (cultures, enzymes, coagulants, adjuncts and propioni bacteria).
  • Improves taste and texture in a tailored way while extending shelf life.
  • Reduces costs through fully control of production efficiency.
  • Vegetarian, halal, kosher and benzoate free.
  • Supported by DSM’s expert dairy team.